Parental Substance Misuse Online Training Course

Parental substance misuse is an issue that is mostly overlooked by the majority. It is an issue which has the ability to affect the lives of children and does need proper attention to prevent it. The course provides detailed information about the hidden harms of parental substance abuse. It provides the information needed to learn about parental substance abuse, catch on the early warning signs, its effect on children, and ways to prevent or limit its damages. The course is accredited by CPD and the quality assured certificate would be delivered to you the next working day after course completion.

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Online Training Course

Child sexual exploitation is one of the issues which need to be taken care of with the utmost importance. Especially those who work with children should have proper knowledge on preventing such a situation. The course deals with the complexities involved in the situation and helps you understand how to deal with it. It puts emphasis on recognising such as situation, assesses the risks associated with it, learns who are at higher risks, and take the preventive measures. The course is developed by qualified child protection professionals and it is accredited by CPD. The duration of the course is two hours.

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Online Training Course

Children with disabilities can have a tough time while growing up. They are often targeted by bullies and lose their self-confidence to stand up and fight for themselves. The course is offered to help you learn the ways to interact with children with disabilities. It is designed to teach you the appropriate terminology to be put to use while discussing children with disabilities. The course deals with ways to understand why children with disabilities are prone to be neglected by their families and to recognise the signs of abuse at the earliest as possible. The duration of the course is two hours.

Nutrition & Health Online Training Course

It is a widely known fact that to stay healthy a well-balanced diet plan should be followed. A diet which provides the body with all the nutrients it requires functioning properly. The course is developed in such as way that you will be able to change your lifestyle for better by adopting a healthy diet. The course introduces you to the habits of healthy eating and how to manage a proper diet for a longer period of time. It also helps you to use the information provided to make healthy diets on your own. The course is developed by qualified dieticians.

Noise Awareness Online Training Course

High level of noise for a sustained period of time can slowly damage your hearing. In workplaces that deal with high levels of noise, there is a high chance of the employees suffering from the same. The Noise Awareness Training Course is aimed at familiarising the risks associated with noise and helps take necessary measures to reduce its impact. The course introduces you to the basic risks posed by noise such as hearing loss and explains methods to minimise these. It prepares you to carry out the risk assessment and implement measures to control the problem. The course is approved by RoSPA.

Display Screen Equipment Assessor Online Training Course

Risks which are associated with display screen equipment are the ones that are ignored the most. It is not considered to be the kind of issue which can lead to health and safety issue. The DSE Assessor Training is developed to help you assess these risks and take measures to limit it. It will introduce you to the duties you have as a DSE assessor and familiarise you with methods of setting up workstations, assessing them, and advice on the posture that is ideal for a user. It is accredited by CPD and developed by business professionals who are expert in the field of expertise.

Display Screen Equipment Online Training Course

Spending hours every day sitting in front of your workstation can cause its own risks. A poorly set up workstation can result in issues such as muscle pain, fatigue, strains, and visual discomfort. The DSE is set up to make you aware of the risks possessed by display screen equipment which we are unaware of. The course helps you to assess these issues and set up your workstation according to your comfort. The duration of the course is two hours and it is accredited by CPD. It is developed by business professionals and it comes with the full audio voice over.

Environmental Awareness Online Training Course

Every workplace possesses some or the other kind of risk for the environment. It is the duty of the people working there on noting these and taking necessary measures to minimise the effects. The Environmental Awareness Training Course is aimed at helping the employers and employees in a workplace assess the risk it poses to the environment and learns techniques to minimise it. All the environmental management aspects of the EU and UK legislation are covered in this course. The course is designed by health and safety professionals and the certificate is delivered on the next working day after the day of course completion.

Energy Efficiency Online Training Course

Workplaces are known for its wastage of energy. If energy is put into proper use, there is a good opportunity to save a lot of energy at each workplace. So the Energy Efficiency Training Course is devised to inform you about ways to save energy. It is estimated that with proper measures, the electricity bill can be cut by 20% in a workplace. So the course details techniques and strategies to make use of the equipment in a workplace economically and save on computing, air conditioning, and lighting equipment. The duration of the course is two to three hours.

Portable Appliance Testing Online Training Course

Portable appliances are used at every workplace. We usually do not associate any risks with regard to portable appliance. But it does have a low-risk factor always associated with it. So the course is designed to help you assess the risk and carry out tasks for assessing the potential risk and prevent if any. It helps to minimise the effects of electric shocks, electrocution, and fires initiated by electricity in a workplace. The basics of Portable Appliance Testing are taught in this course for you to support and help prevent any harm to the health and safety of the employees.