Responsible Recruitment in Education Online Training Course

Education is one of the most important sectors. It is necessary to have proper recruitment setting to provide the children with the best faculties they can get. The course is designed to promote safer recruitment in education. The course details the process of recruitment in an educational institution from start to finish. It explains the process of creating an application, how to take interviews, how to do the background check and to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job. The aim is to find people with the same outlook as detailed in the job role.

Responsible Recruitment Online Training Course

The process of recruiting a staff or a supervisor for a setting that involves children or elderly people should be done with proper precaution. The person you hire should be on the same wavelength as you and a proper background check have to be done. The course helps you to screen candidates properly. From the process of interview to background check, the course details ways to get it done with accuracy. It will help you generate a proper application format and choose the right candidate for appointment. The duration of the course is two to three hours and it comes with full audio voice over.

Child Neglect Awareness Online Training Course

The life of children can have a huge impact due to the effect of neglect. It is a condition that has been on the rise in the UK and needs measures to reduce its impact. The child neglect course is developed to inform you about child neglect and the issues associated with it. The course details the warnings signs pointing at a child being the prey of neglect and ways to respond to it efficiently. The main aim of the course is to safeguard the health of the children physically and mentally. Qualified child protection professionals have developed the course.

Parental Mental Health Online Training Course

The mental well-being of parents is of great importance in a household. This is because a disturbance in the mental health of a parent can have a huge impact on the children’s life. The course is designed to make you aware of the issues that can lead to parental mental health issues and its impact on children. It details on ways to minimise the impact the condition can have on the children and work towards safeguarding them. The course explains mental health issues, the effect it can have on the household, and ways to safeguard those who are involved.

Parental Substance Misuse Online Training Course

Parental substance misuse is an issue that is mostly overlooked by the majority. It is an issue which has the ability to affect the lives of children and does need proper attention to prevent it. The course provides detailed information about the hidden harms of parental substance abuse. It provides the information needed to learn about parental substance abuse, catch on the early warning signs, its effect on children, and ways to prevent or limit its damages. The course is accredited by CPD and the quality assured certificate would be delivered to you the next working day after course completion.

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Online Training Course

Child sexual exploitation is one of the issues which need to be taken care of with the utmost importance. Especially those who work with children should have proper knowledge on preventing such a situation. The course deals with the complexities involved in the situation and helps you understand how to deal with it. It puts emphasis on recognising such as situation, assesses the risks associated with it, learns who are at higher risks, and take the preventive measures. The course is developed by qualified child protection professionals and it is accredited by CPD. The duration of the course is two hours.

Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Online Training Course

Children with disabilities can have a tough time while growing up. They are often targeted by bullies and lose their self-confidence to stand up and fight for themselves. The course is offered to help you learn the ways to interact with children with disabilities. It is designed to teach you the appropriate terminology to be put to use while discussing children with disabilities. The course deals with ways to understand why children with disabilities are prone to be neglected by their families and to recognise the signs of abuse at the earliest as possible. The duration of the course is two hours.

Drug & Alcohol Online Training Course

Drugs and alcohol play a major role in damaging the health, economy, and social relationships of a person. And the course is designed for the purpose of training managers to help those in need. Managers should be adept enough to pick up early signs of drugs and alcohol abuse. The training enables them to provide guidance and support to employees who have been dealing with substance abuse. The duration of the course is one to two hours. It is accredited by CPD and is developed by professionals in the field. The certificate will be sent to you once the course is completed.

Social Responsibility in Gambling Online Training Course

Gambling is something that can go out of hand and break a few rules and regulations. The need for a sense of responsibility is highly necessary while gambling. And this course provides all the guidelines and social responsibilities that the customers should be aware of while gambling. It provides information on how to support those who are in need and also help them gamble safely. The course details different aspects of gambling, help people with an addiction towards it, and also the effect gambling has on a person’s day to day life. It is a one to two hour course that is accredited by CPD.

Autism Awareness Online Training Course

Autism Spectrum Awareness is necessary to understand the effects of autism in a person’s life. The Autism Awareness Training Course is developed especially for that. It helps in the diagnosis of the condition, the signs and symptoms related to it, and also how to help the children who are stressing from the effects of the condition. It is a condition that affects one out of hundred people in the UK and makes the day to day life of the person extremely challenging. The duration of the course is four hours and the certificate is posted in the next working day after course completion.