Managing Health & Safety Online Training Course

It goes without saying that the health and safety of employees working in an organisation is of utmost importance. This requires the management of the organisation to implement measures to improve the quality of health and safety of the employees. The course helps the staff handling the health and safety department to learn about their responsibilities. It educates them to take charge of implementing the health and safety measures properly. They are taught to assess the risks involved in workplace and act accordingly. The course adheres to the UK Health and Safety legislation and would help you be capable of handling any such situations.

Injury Prevention in the Workplace Online Training Course

It is estimated that about ten thousand people suffer from severe injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. It is necessary to assess the risk associated with it and make the people aware of it to prevent these injurious. The course coaches you on the common types of slips, trips, and falls and how it can happen in a workplace. It educates you on the measures to be taken to limit such incidents by making changes in the floor design, proper housekeeping, reliable footwear and flooring. The two-hour course is developed by professionals working in the health and safety department.

Noise Awareness Online Training Course

High level of noise for a sustained period of time can slowly damage your hearing. In workplaces that deal with high levels of noise, there is a high chance of the employees suffering from the same. The Noise Awareness Training Course is aimed at familiarising the risks associated with noise and helps take necessary measures to reduce its impact. The course introduces you to the basic risks posed by noise such as hearing loss and explains methods to minimise these. It prepares you to carry out the risk assessment and implement measures to control the problem. The course is approved by RoSPA.

Display Screen Equipment Assessor Online Training Course

Risks which are associated with display screen equipment are the ones that are ignored the most. It is not considered to be the kind of issue which can lead to health and safety issue. The DSE Assessor Training is developed to help you assess these risks and take measures to limit it. It will introduce you to the duties you have as a DSE assessor and familiarise you with methods of setting up workstations, assessing them, and advice on the posture that is ideal for a user. It is accredited by CPD and developed by business professionals who are expert in the field of expertise.

Display Screen Equipment Online Training Course

Spending hours every day sitting in front of your workstation can cause its own risks. A poorly set up workstation can result in issues such as muscle pain, fatigue, strains, and visual discomfort. The DSE is set up to make you aware of the risks possessed by display screen equipment which we are unaware of. The course helps you to assess these issues and set up your workstation according to your comfort. The duration of the course is two hours and it is accredited by CPD. It is developed by business professionals and it comes with the full audio voice over.

Environmental Awareness Online Training Course

Every workplace possesses some or the other kind of risk for the environment. It is the duty of the people working there on noting these and taking necessary measures to minimise the effects. The Environmental Awareness Training Course is aimed at helping the employers and employees in a workplace assess the risk it poses to the environment and learns techniques to minimise it. All the environmental management aspects of the EU and UK legislation are covered in this course. The course is designed by health and safety professionals and the certificate is delivered on the next working day after the day of course completion.

Portable Appliance Testing Online Training Course

Portable appliances are used at every workplace. We usually do not associate any risks with regard to portable appliance. But it does have a low-risk factor always associated with it. So the course is designed to help you assess the risk and carry out tasks for assessing the potential risk and prevent if any. It helps to minimise the effects of electric shocks, electrocution, and fires initiated by electricity in a workplace. The basics of Portable Appliance Testing are taught in this course for you to support and help prevent any harm to the health and safety of the employees.

Electrical Safety Online Training Course

Electricity is a dangerous thing. Working near or with electricity in itself pose potential dangers of its own and the necessary preventive measures should be taken to limit it. The Electrical Safety Training Course is designed to teach the professional about the risks associated with electricity and measures to limit its impact. Safe working practices are introduced which would help in handling electricity safely and prevent or control the impact of hazards posed by it. The course is made in compliance with UK Health and Safety Legislation. It is a two-hour course, carefully designed by health and safety professionals.

Health & Safety in the Office Online Training Course

There are certain risks and hazards associated with every workplace. It is of great importance to take the necessary measures to prevent or limit these for the safety of the employees. In this course, you will be introduced to the health and safety measures to be enforced in a workplace to protect the employees from the potential hazards. It details the major types of hazards, ways to recognise them, and measures to prevent or control its impact. The course is conducted online and you will be provided the quality assured certificate on the next working day after the completion of the course.

Ladder Safety Online Training Course

The ladder is equipment which can be a bit difficult to use. Proper guidelines have to be followed in case ladders are being used at a workplace. The ladder safety training course is put in place to ensure that you are informed about all the risks associated with the use of a ladder. It helps you assess the risks and take measures to prevent them. The health and safety legislation regarding the same are detailed to help protect the employee. The course runs for duration of two hours and it is developed by professionals who are experienced in the health and safety department.