Weight Management for Children Online Training Course

Healthy and active lifestyle is necessary for children. But in some cases, weight can come in the way and hamper this active lifestyle. The course educates parents, carers, and those who work in childcare about the need to address the issue and take necessary steps to change it. It encourages you to talk to your children and help them understand the situation. The course gives emphasis on working together with the children and achieving the weight goals. Many tips and ideas on helping your children eat healthily are provided in the course. You can take up the course online for the duration of two hours.

Nutrition for Children Online Training Course

A healthy diet should be made a habit from the early years of a child. It would help them get used to the process and lead a healthy life throughout. The course is developed to educate parents, carers, and those who are working in childcare on the importance of nutrition for children. It provides tips and recipe ideas to add to the children’s diet to help them receive the nutrition they require. After course completion, you will receive the quality assured certificate on the next working day. The course is developed by qualified dieticians and it is accredited by CPD.

Nutrition for Weight Loss Online Training Course

Obesity is one of the major causes of health concern in the United Kingdom. Not only does it affect the health of the person, but also leads to low self-esteem and confidence. To overcome the issue, the course is designed to help people lead a healthy lifestyle by introducing a change in their diet. It educates on the importance of a healthy diet and introduces tricks and techniques to get you in the habit of a nutritious diet. The course is developed by qualified dieticians and runs for a duration of three hours. You will have access to the full audio voice over.

Nutrition & Health Online Training Course

It is a widely known fact that to stay healthy a well-balanced diet plan should be followed. A diet which provides the body with all the nutrients it requires functioning properly. The course is developed in such as way that you will be able to change your lifestyle for better by adopting a healthy diet. The course introduces you to the habits of healthy eating and how to manage a proper diet for a longer period of time. It also helps you to use the information provided to make healthy diets on your own. The course is developed by qualified dieticians.

Nutrition For Elderly Online Training Course

Staying nourished is one of the most important aspects of any human being. And one of the issues faced by the elderly these days is their inability to stay nourished. So, the Nutrition for Elderly Course is aimed to alleviate the existing malnourishment among elders in the society. It gives guidance on the nutrition requirements for elders and a way to make the right dietary choices to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. The course is conducted online and you will have access to the full audio voice over. The course duration is estimated to be two hours.

Nutrition During & After Pregnancy Online Training Course

Pregnancy is the time of caution. The expectant parents should have all the information and support they need to have a successful pregnancy. For this purpose, the expectant parents and the professionals who are working with them should have proper knowledge about staying nourished throughout the process. The course is developed to help those who are undergoing the process to be equipped with information on nutrition for the infant and the mother. The aim of the course is to help the new born stay healthy by giving them essential nutrients. The course is developed by qualified dieticians and has the duration of two hours.

Sports Nutrition Online Training Course

A good workout alone cannot keep you healthy. It does not matter whether you are a sports person, an athlete, or have a habit of being fit – sports nutrition is an important aspect that would help you stay at the top of your game. The Sports Nutrition Course is aimed to give you nutritional advice on well-balanced diets, routines, and healthy alternatives to provide the best possible results to your workout regime. It will help you guide yourself through the right path to reach your goals at the earliest. The course is developed by Sports Nutritionists and Qualified Dieticians.

Diabetes Awareness Online Training Course

As the name of the course suggests, it is to help the person familiarise with diabetes, its implications, and the risks associated with it. Diabetes is a condition that affects over three million people in the United Kingdom. This makes it important for people to have a better understanding of the condition to be able to cope with it better. The course not just teaches the short term and long term risks of the condition, but also informs the treatments that are available, and the effects of the condition on day to day life. The duration of the course is four to five hours.