Business & Corporate Tax Online Training Course

Learn the fundamental rules behind taxation at the company you work for or the taxation rules if you’re working for yourself. This course covers everything from what amount is taxed, the level of taxation for each business, when you should submit your tax and when the HMRC should be notified.

It is a complex subject and this course will bring you up to an expert level. You will be prepared to manage the tax at any company you work at.

Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime Online Training Course

Financial crimes and money laundering issues are prevalent in many businesses. The Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Course is designed to help prevent financial crimes for those who work in the financial sector. This course describes in detail the rules and regulations which must be adhered to Anti-Money Laundering. It explains how the laws of anti money laundering impact the organisation and the employees. The course is ideal for anyone who is working in the financial sector. It is conducted online and lasts for the duration of three hours. Developed by professionals, the course has the seal of accreditation from CPD.

Data Protection Act Online Training Course

With the data regarding a business being stored online, the risks have also increased. There are essential rules and regulations to be followed by individuals and businesses for online data protection as per the 1998 Act of Data Protection principles. The course is designed to help the personnel on how to handle online data – personal and business related. It also makes you knowledgeable on how to keep the data secure, handling access requests, and how to handle the loss of data. Qualified finance professionals have designed the course and the course duration is about two hours. It is also accredited by CPD.