Energy Efficiency Online Training Course

Workplaces are known for its wastage of energy. If energy is put into proper use, there is a good opportunity to save a lot of energy at each workplace. So the Energy Efficiency Training Course is devised to inform you about ways to save energy. It is estimated that with proper measures, the electricity bill can be cut by 20% in a workplace. So the course details techniques and strategies to make use of the equipment in a workplace economically and save on computing, air conditioning, and lighting equipment. The duration of the course is two to three hours.

Work-based Stress Awareness Online Training Course

Health risks are increased due to stress. The workplace pressure these days have skyrocketed over the past few decades which has seen an increase in the stress levels of employees. So the course is aimed to recognise workplace stress and take the necessary steps to eradicate it from the workplace environment. It is designed to find out the root causes that result in stress and help the employees find ways to successfully overcome the condition. It gives you information on many practical strategies which can be used to reduce the effects of stress and manage it efficiently. The duration of the course is three hours.

Anti-bribery Online Training Course

Bribery is one of the evils faced by the country which is limiting its development. The state has enforced many laws with regard to the act of bribery, but most of the citizens do not have a proper idea about it. The course is developed to make you familiar with the Bribery Act of 2010 and help you make sure the workplace adheres to it. It helps you follow the required policies to keep up the Bribery Act and take aggressive steps to the acts of bribery. The course is designed by experts working in the Financial Crime scene and it is accredited by CPD.

Essential Presentation Skills Online Training Course

The ability to present yourself the right way would benefit you and your business in many different ways. So presentation skills are of great importance to help promote your work in an efficient way. The Presentation Skills Course is designed to help you develop your presentation skills by teaching you the good practices of oral and written presentations. The ability to concisely present yourself is given emphasis in the course and you are prepared to calm your nerves and give your best. The course is developed by business professionals and accredited by CPD. The course is conducted online for its duration of one hour.

Essential Communication Skills Online Training Course

Communication skill is a prerequisite when it comes to any workplace environment. Not being able to communicate properly with your colleagues and superiors leads to differences. The main aim of the course is to help the professional communicate efficiently with their co-workers. It aims at improving the communication skills to deal with confrontations, give feedback, be assertive, and to hold appraisals. The course uses real life examples to teach communication styles and add it to your arsenal to improve your way of communication. The course duration is four hours and you will receive the certificate the next working day after course completion.

Retail Industry Customer Service Online Training Course

The quality of a business’ product or service cannot solely decide its success. But it is also the type of customer service they deliver which makes or breaks their business. So, the course is intended to help the professionals working in the retail industry to be prepared with all the good customer service practices which would help deliver the customers with the best service.  It is aimed to help them match or exceed the customer satisfaction in an all round customer service experience. The two-hour course is conducted online and does have full audio voice over. It is developed by Customer Service Experts and accredited by CPD.

Health Care Customer Service Online Training Course

The patients deserve the best service when they are in for treatment. It ensures a pleasant environment for treatment which would lead to a speedy recovery. The health and social care services need a better understanding for providing the patient with such experience and the course is aimed at providing exactly that. It helps in developing the patient care skills of the professional, thus improving the patient’s experience. The course improves your communication, listening, and caring skills. This, in turn, would help you take care of the patient well. It is accredited by CPD and developed by Customer Service Experts.

Customer Service Online Training Course

Customer satisfaction is the major cause for the success of any business. It is through the promotion of the customers a business receives most of its new customers. So it is important to treat the customers the right way and give them the best experience. The Customer Service Course is designed to help the customer service official develop skills which would help them give them the best customer service experience. Be it face to face or over the telephone, the course teaches techniques to help the customer in every possible way. The two hours Course is developed by Customer Service Experts.

Time Management Online Training Course

Managing time is one of the most difficult issues faced by the generation. The Time Management Course is aimed at helping you manage your time in a better way and use it efficiently on things that are beneficial to you. The course details many strategies, tips, and tools to efficiently manage your time. By applying these tools and strategies, you will be able to use your time wisely and not feel the stress of having your time lost on tasks that are not helpful. The course is conducted online and you receive the certificate the next working day after the day of course completion.

Licensing Law Awareness Online Training Course

Licensing is an important part of the sale of any goods. Licensing ensures the quality of goods to be maintained. The course aims at helping professionals learn more about the processes and procedures involved in licensing. It explains the responsibilities of a professional under the Licensing Act of 2003. How licensing can help in ensuring the safety of your establishment and identifying the key features and objectives are detailed in this course. The three-hour course is conducted online and the assessments have no time limit. The certificate will be delivered to you on the next working days after the completion of the course.