Business & Corporate Tax Online Training Course

Learn the fundamental rules behind taxation at the company you work for or the taxation rules if you’re working for yourself. This course covers everything from what amount is taxed, the level of taxation for each business, when you should submit your tax and when the HMRC should be notified.

It is a complex subject and this course will bring you up to an expert level. You will be prepared to manage the tax at any company you work at.

Weight Management for Children Online Training Course

Healthy and active lifestyle is necessary for children. But in some cases, weight can come in the way and hamper this active lifestyle. The course educates parents, carers, and those who work in childcare about the need to address the issue and take necessary steps to change it. It encourages you to talk to your children and help them understand the situation. The course gives emphasis on working together with the children and achieving the weight goals. Many tips and ideas on helping your children eat healthily are provided in the course. You can take up the course online for the duration of two hours.

Nutrition for Children Online Training Course

A healthy diet should be made a habit from the early years of a child. It would help them get used to the process and lead a healthy life throughout. The course is developed to educate parents, carers, and those who are working in childcare on the importance of nutrition for children. It provides tips and recipe ideas to add to the children’s diet to help them receive the nutrition they require. After course completion, you will receive the quality assured certificate on the next working day. The course is developed by qualified dieticians and it is accredited by CPD.

Nutrition for Weight Loss Online Training Course

Obesity is one of the major causes of health concern in the United Kingdom. Not only does it affect the health of the person, but also leads to low self-esteem and confidence. To overcome the issue, the course is designed to help people lead a healthy lifestyle by introducing a change in their diet. It educates on the importance of a healthy diet and introduces tricks and techniques to get you in the habit of a nutritious diet. The course is developed by qualified dieticians and runs for a duration of three hours. You will have access to the full audio voice over.

Managing Health & Safety Online Training Course

It goes without saying that the health and safety of employees working in an organisation is of utmost importance. This requires the management of the organisation to implement measures to improve the quality of health and safety of the employees. The course helps the staff handling the health and safety department to learn about their responsibilities. It educates them to take charge of implementing the health and safety measures properly. They are taught to assess the risks involved in workplace and act accordingly. The course adheres to the UK Health and Safety legislation and would help you be capable of handling any such situations.

Injury Prevention in the Workplace Online Training Course

It is estimated that about ten thousand people suffer from severe injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. It is necessary to assess the risk associated with it and make the people aware of it to prevent these injurious. The course coaches you on the common types of slips, trips, and falls and how it can happen in a workplace. It educates you on the measures to be taken to limit such incidents by making changes in the floor design, proper housekeeping, reliable footwear and flooring. The two-hour course is developed by professionals working in the health and safety department.

Responsible Recruitment in Education Online Training Course

Education is one of the most important sectors. It is necessary to have proper recruitment setting to provide the children with the best faculties they can get. The course is designed to promote safer recruitment in education. The course details the process of recruitment in an educational institution from start to finish. It explains the process of creating an application, how to take interviews, how to do the background check and to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the job. The aim is to find people with the same outlook as detailed in the job role.

Responsible Recruitment Online Training Course

The process of recruiting a staff or a supervisor for a setting that involves children or elderly people should be done with proper precaution. The person you hire should be on the same wavelength as you and a proper background check have to be done. The course helps you to screen candidates properly. From the process of interview to background check, the course details ways to get it done with accuracy. It will help you generate a proper application format and choose the right candidate for appointment. The duration of the course is two to three hours and it comes with full audio voice over.

Child Neglect Awareness Online Training Course

The life of children can have a huge impact due to the effect of neglect. It is a condition that has been on the rise in the UK and needs measures to reduce its impact. The child neglect course is developed to inform you about child neglect and the issues associated with it. The course details the warnings signs pointing at a child being the prey of neglect and ways to respond to it efficiently. The main aim of the course is to safeguard the health of the children physically and mentally. Qualified child protection professionals have developed the course.

Parental Mental Health Online Training Course

The mental well-being of parents is of great importance in a household. This is because a disturbance in the mental health of a parent can have a huge impact on the children’s life. The course is designed to make you aware of the issues that can lead to parental mental health issues and its impact on children. It details on ways to minimise the impact the condition can have on the children and work towards safeguarding them. The course explains mental health issues, the effect it can have on the household, and ways to safeguard those who are involved.